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Serafina Studio provides comprehensive planning and coordination services for your wedding day, along with pre- and post-wedding events, as well as additional activities and excursions related to the main event.


From beginning to end, Serafina Studio collaborates with you, offering guidance for every decision and ensuring every detail aligns with your vision, so you can enjoy the planning journey. You make the key decisions, and we turn them into reality.


We manage all aspects of logistics, communication with vendors, contracts and paperwork, scheduling, and everything else in between.We support couples through every phase of the wedding planning and design process. For a glimpse of the primary areas we will be overseeing for you, please see below:


We specialize in organizing destination weddings in Italy for couples traveling from abroad, whether they are eloping alone or with a small group of guests.

We have carefully chosen the most suitable and stunning venues and locations to make your wedding truly unforgettable.

An elopement offers a personal, intimate, and romantic option for couples who want their wedding day to reflect their unique desires. You might be familiar with terms like intimate weddings, micro weddings, and destination weddings.

All of these can be considered contemporary forms of elopements.


We will take care of staging the event, coordinating the work of the florist and setup, arranging the graphic materials, and overseeing the work of all other involved vendors.


We will assist all guests and the couple throughout the event.

Our team of two will be present for the entire duration of the event, until the cake cutting ceremony.

why choose us

  1. Passionate Professionals: Our team of passionate and experienced wedding planners genuinely loves what they do.    We pour our hearts into every wedding we plan, ensuring a personalized and heartfelt experience for you and your guests.

  2. Local Expertise: We possess an intimate knowledge of every picturesque corner and hidden gem in this region. Our local expertise ensures that your wedding unfolds in the most breathtaking and authentic locations

  3. Tailored Elegance: Your love story is unique, and your wedding should reflect that. We specialize in creating bespoke weddings, tailored to your style, culture, and preferences, ensuring an elegant and distinctive affair.

  4. Seamless Execution: Planning a destination wedding can be challenging, but with Serafina Studio by your side, you can relax and enjoy the journey. We handle all the logistics and coordination, making sure everything runs seamlessly.

  5. Detail-Oriented: We believe that true magic lies in the details. Our meticulous approach ensures that every aspect of your wedding is carefully considered, from the décor and ambiance to the finest touches.

  6. Multicultural Celebrations: Whether you desire a traditional ceremony or a fusion of cultures, our team is well-versed in creating harmonious multicultural celebrations, honoring your heritage and customs.

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