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" Each wedding we craft is an artful expression of the couple's love story,

uniquely tailored to their personalities and dreams"



We share an unbreakable bond fueled by our love for design, photography,

With over 300 weddings under our belt,

our journey began in the captivating town of Sorrento,

where we organized our very first celebration.

We embrace a relaxed and lighthearted approach when caring

for our couples, ensuring their wedding planning journey is filled with joy and excitement.

To us, weddings are more than just events; they are joyous occasions for celebration and heartfelt connection.

Infusing an element of surprise and guest hospitality is fundamental to our philosophy.


We believe that weddings should not only be about the union of two souls but also an experience that leaves an indelible mark on everyone present.



I am Antonella, a passionate individual in the world of communication and events.

With a master's degree in Communication Sciences and an inherent love for luxury, I decided to follow my heart and refine my skills with a master's in Luxury Management at the prestigious Polimoda in Florence, followed by another in Event Organization at the Polytechnic University of Milan.

My career began to soar when I worked as an Events and PR Manager for a renowned American multinational. During this experience, I had the opportunity to organize prestigious events and collaborate with an extraordinary team.

However, I felt that something was missing—a personal touch, an authentic experience

that leaves a lasting emotional impact.

And so, I decided to follow my instincts and start my own venture, giving life to my dream: Serafina Studio Destination Wedding. Here, I found a way to combine my passion for communication and events with the sensitivity of my soul, instantly connecting with the people I meet.

One aspect of my work that brings me immense joy is understanding the desires of my brides intuitively.

Establishing a connection with them is like creating a magical bond that allows us to shape a wedding that is both unique and meaningful. I believe that every detail, every choice, should carry an emotional component because that is where the true meaning of a wedding resides—in the heart.

The care and love I pour into each event I organize are my keys to creating unforgettable experiences.

I adore leaving a mark in the lives of the people I encounter, and there is nothing more rewarding than knowing I have contributed to making their special day a precious memory they will carry with them forever.

I am thrilled to share my passion for weddings and our extraordinary journey together. I cannot wait to discover your unique love stories and transform them

into fabulous celebrations.

Greetings! I'm Lina, a graphic design aficionado and a fervent believer in the power of visual storytelling.

My journey in the world of design started with a specialization in graphic arts,

and it's been an exhilarating ride ever since.

I spent years honing my craft in a bustling design studio, where creativity danced on every canvas and pixels formed captivating tales. My days were dedicated to nurturing creativity and infusing designs with a dash of magic.

Now, in the heart of Serafina Studio, I wear a different hat - that of a dream coordinator. As a part of our talented team, I ensure that creative visions are seamlessly woven into reality.

My role marries the art of design with the precision of organization, a blend that keeps me on my toes and my heart full.

When you entrust your stylistic desires to us, I'm the bridge that connects your dreams to the world of execution.

Your ideas become my inspiration, and I meticulously ensure they're brought to life in the most exquisite way possible.

As we collaborate, we don't just craft events; we sculpt experiences that reflect your unique essence.

Your dreams, your style, and your story are at the core of everything we do. So, let's embark on this creative journey together, where design transcends into reality, and your aspirations become a tangible, beautiful masterpiece.

Welcome to a world where your visions become our shared reality.






Let Serafina be your guide as you embark on a captivating journey to your dream destination wedding
in Italy
Contact us today for a complimentary consultation,
and together, we'll weave the tapestry of your perfect day, filled with love, beauty, and enchantment.

Your Italian wedding awaits!

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